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Custom Binder’s Board Design Creation

Binder's Board
Binder’s Board

If you have a lot of documents that need to organize and keep it securely in one place, it means that you need binder. Binder is a helpful organizer where you can keep your archive or documents safely. The most important material in making a binder is Binder’s Board. People sometimes refer it to naked binder. It is a natural and bare board binder that is beautifully formed. It is made by hard board that will not get easily broken and will be able to keep the documents stay safe. This board can be the object for many designers to create a beautiful design of board for binder that is attractive and interesting. Read More

A Glance about Colour System That You Need to Know

Colour system
Colour system

Colour system or coloring becomes a very important thing in the world of design because the color combination will produce good design. Colour itself is a light or electromagnetic wave radiation produced by the sun. Color system is a system, which process color of certain color model such as RGB (red, green and blue), CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and many more used in printing or coloring animation in graphic design to describe colouring itself. Read More

Understanding about Colour in Design and Live

understanding colour

Colour is a prevalent part of everything we visually see in the world. It consists of different variety types that make this world better with its rich shades. The functions of every variety of colours are significant especially for designer. For designer, it means an intuitive choice that leads them to the process of creativity. As a common people we understand that there are three different types of primary colors, there are red, yellow and blue. We also know that we can create any colors that we like by mixing these three colors.
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A Brief Guide to Understand RGB Color Model

RGB color model

The RGB color model refers to the additive model of color where red, green, and blue light all are together added in different ways to create a wide array of colors. This name of color model derives from the three additive primary colors that are used. They are red, green, and blue. This color model’s main purpose is for the representation, display, and sensing of images especially in electronic systems like TV and computers. However, it has been utilized in conventional photography as well. Even prior to the electronic age, this color model has a sturdy theory already behind it as it was according to human perception in colors. Read More

Getting to Know the CMYK Color Model

CMYK color model, four color or process color

The CMYK four colors, process color, or color model refers to the subtractive color model that is utilized in color printing as well as to explain the process of printing itself. In CMYK, there are four inks to use in the printing are used as reference: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key or black. Even though it differs by press operator, print house, press run, and press manufacturer, the ink is applied typically in that order of abbreviation. Read More

Chroma, Hue, and Value in Graphic Designing

Understanding Chroma, Hue, and Value in Graphic Designing

In graphic design, chroma refers to the quality of the purity, saturation, or intensity of a color. For instance, a gray is a neutral color, meaning it has an extreme low chroma. Meanwhile, fire-engine red can be a high chroma red while brick red is a middle chroma one. We can also translate chroma as a representation of the “purity” of any particular color, in association with saturation. The lower chroma means the less pure or more washed out, just like in pastel colors. Read More

Channels and How to Use it in Photoshop

Understanding Channels and How to Use it in Photoshop

As a graphic designer in learning, Photoshop is most likely to be your first choice of graphic design software. There are various things this program can do with abundant features you can choose from. One of them is called channels, which we will discuss briefly here. Today, we will explain what channels are and how you can use it in your Photoshop. Read on. Read More

Calliper and Other Paper Weight Measurements

You may often hear the terms of calliper and find it rather confusing since here are basis weight and equivalent weight. Those three terms are used in determining or measuring paper weight. To help you eliminate such confusion problem, we decide to compile a comprehensive table of paper weight, in addition to a brief explanation for each term. Now, you can finally compare different paper types in addition to their equivalent weight. Read on. Read More

Calligraphy in Its Modern Revival


The use of calligraphy is widely spread, with the use of this writing-related visual art could be found nearly everywhere. Calligraphy itself is the design as well as execution of lettering with the use of a broad tip instrument, brush, or dip pen as the writing instrument, among other ones. In contemporary era, the calligraphic practice can also be defined as the art of providing from to signs in a harmonious, skillful, and expressive manner. Meanwhile, modern calligraphy varies from functional designs and inscriptions to fine-art pieces, in which the letters may be readable or not. Read More

What You Need to Know about Buckram

Buckram, cover book

Buckram refers to a stiff cloth that is commonly made of cotton, but still occasionally with linen. This cloth is usually used to protect and cover books. However, buckrams can also be used in order to stiffen clothes. In modern uses, buckrams are already stiffened. The method used to stiffen this cloth is by soaking it in a substance, usually contains pyroxylin, so the cloth is stiffened by filling the gaps present between the fibers. Buckram was also known as “bokeram” in the Middle Ages, referring to the fine cotton cloth.
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