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Avant Garde

An artistic work that pushes the established limits of what is considered acceptable. Avant garde works often have revolutionary, cultural, or practical connotations.

Avant garde, a font bassed on the logo designed for ‘Avant Garde Magazine’ in 1967 by herb lubalin and Thom Carnase. The font was redrawn in 1970 to include lower case characters. Read More

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Art Noveau
The Peacock Skirt, by Aubrey Beardsley, (1892)

Rooted in romantism and symbolism, art nouveau (The new art) describes a richly ornamental style of decoration, architecture and art that developed during 1894-1914. Art nouveau is characterised by undulating lines, sinuous curves and the deciption of leaves, flowers and flowing vines and is embodied in the work of protagonists such as Gustay Klimt, Henry De Toulouse-lautrec, Antonio Gaudi and Hector Guimard, WHo was the architect and designer of the paris metro entrances.

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Arts & Craft Movement

A late nineteenth century decorative arts. Furniture and architecture movement that sought to reverse the demise of beauty at the hands of the industrial revolution, and re-established the link between the worker and Art through an honesty in design. This movement is typified by leading protagonists such as Willian Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Frank Lloyd wright.

ITC Rennie Mackintosh was created by Phill Grimshaw – 1996. It is bassed on the handwriting and drawings of scottish designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 – 1928) who created highly original buildings interiors and furniture with quirky flairs.

ITC Rennie Mackintosh was designed following research and collaboration between the international typeface corp and the glasgow school of art. This font family is unusual and off beat. And a good choice for product packaging, and graphic designs with a period flair.

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A range of diacritical marks and symbols which indicate that the sound of a letter is modified during procunciation. While accentss are not a common feature of English. They are relatively common in other languages such as Spanish, French, German and Slavic languages.

And accent above a vowel angled upwards to the right, which indicates that it is close of tense, has a high or rising pitch, a long pronunciation, or that the syllable in which the vowel appears is stressed. From the Latin acutus, meaning ‘sharp’

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Absolute & Relative Measurements

The two measurements systems used in the typography.

Absolute measurements
Absolute measurements are easy to understand as they are measurements of fixed values. For example, as milimetre is precisely defined increment of a centimetre. Equally, both points and picas, the basic typographic measurements, have fixed values. All absolute measurements are expressed in finite terms that cannot be altered.

Absolute Measurements

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