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Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Art Noveau
The Peacock Skirt, by Aubrey Beardsley, (1892)

Rooted in romantism and symbolism, art nouveau (The new art) describes a richly ornamental style of decoration, architecture and art that developed during 1894-1914. Art nouveau is characterised by undulating lines, sinuous curves and the deciption of leaves, flowers and flowing vines and is embodied in the work of protagonists such as Gustay Klimt, Henry De Toulouse-lautrec, Antonio Gaudi and Hector Guimard, WHo was the architect and designer of the paris metro entrances.

Called jugendstill (In Germany), Sezessionstill (In Austria) and Modernismo (In Spain), art nouveau rejected historical references in favour of creating a highly stylished design vocabulary that unified all arts around man and his life. Architecture was the focus for art nouveau as it naturally encompasses and integrates every art, but the style was also used extensively in posters and jewellery design.


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