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Custom Binder’s Board Design Creation

Binder's Board
Binder’s Board

If you have a lot of documents that need to organize and keep it securely in one place, it means that you need binder. Binder is a helpful organizer where you can keep your archive or documents safely. The most important material in making a binder is Binder’s Board. People sometimes refer it to naked binder. It is a natural and bare board binder that is beautifully formed. It is made by hard board that will not get easily broken and will be able to keep the documents stay safe. This board can be the object for many designers to create a beautiful design of board for binder that is attractive and interesting.

Binder’s Board has rounded corners and there are decorations in the board. There are so many decorations that can be used to decorate this thing, for example foil stamping and debossing. The materials to create the binder also vary where it can be the materials that are eco-friendly but some others are not. Many people and manufacture around the world used this board as book binding.

People create a lot of binders in this world using Binder’s Board. It comes in various types of binder such as cloth binder, presentation binder, digital printing, spine warp and more. You can choose your favorite binder and you can try to make it by your own using your creativities and effort to make a good design for the board binder. Board binder will be the most important things that will attract the consumer to buy the binder from the design of the covers.

You can customize your own Binder’s Board by creating the binder that you want to have. The first board model of binder can be created from printed method. This is the easiest one when you want to have a binder that is attractive and beautiful. You just need to find the design of the board that you like and then put it in the printed machine. The machine will print the design on your board. Then you can put binder rings inside and then you can use it as your own personal binder.

If you need a Binder’s Board which is strong and durable in extreme environment, you should choose strong and heavy duty binder. This binder will be suitable to be used in show room or retail stores. The board that is used in this binder is special which is library buckram—a material that can last for more than 50 years. This binder will be something mandatory for office with a lot of important files because it will be equipped with special locking systems.

The next Binder’s Board is Flush Cut Binder. This is a unique design of binder where you printed the design cover and liners in to an oversized board binder. So the liner will be located in the edge of the binder. You need to trim the binder using the cover that you create. You can use natural paper and print the design with soy based ink. You can see the interesting result between the blend of board and the color of the ink. For the finishing you can laminate the binder or not depends on your choice.

The last Binder’s Board design that you can make is by having digital printing. This is kind of reproduction of digital images such as photos or other image designs that you create on paper. You will use toner rather than ink for these projects. This kind of binder is actually not used for mass production. However it is good if you want to produce small amounts of binder limited editions. If you need a binder for office consist of a lot of documents folder, you can use presentation binder. This binder combines the features of pocket folder and ring binder. For printed documents, you can put in the point stock that already provided inside the binder. The board will be designed with pictures that are printed on the laminated papers.

F you want to make design for Binder’s Board you can choose your own style to create the cover and the design of the binder. You can choose the methods that you like and also the design that you want to use in the binder. The board that you use will be eco-friendly so you can make a green binder for any purposes and to keep your documents safe.


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