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A Glance about Colour System That You Need to Know

Colour system
Colour system

Colour system or coloring becomes a very important thing in the world of design because the color combination will produce good design. Colour itself is a light or electromagnetic wave radiation produced by the sun. Color system is a system, which process color of certain color model such as RGB (red, green and blue), CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and many more used in printing or coloring animation in graphic design to describe colouring itself.

Traditional Term

This system is used in Adobe Photoshop or other graphic application utilized in printing in which basic colour mixing usage, such as red, green and blue, is used to print photographs, colouring television, and monitor of computer. In the movie, people will see some graphic design using colour system for cartoon or animation to show some expression that people can understand more about what the movie is. Basically, this color combination system is to combine base colour to be another colour and people who work as a designer use this method for making animation, editing photos, or printing papers to ease them for professional purposes. By using this method, this is much easier for those to provide lot of expression and thought throughout the colour.

Terminology and Concept of Colour System

In the terminology and the concept of colour, which is explained in this article, is used in the CorelDraw application or adobe application. These systems are RGB and CMYK. In the previous paragraph, it has been told that using base colour to get a new colour is important in the world of design. So this article will offer a glance explanation about it. RGB is the composition of three spectrum colours, which are Red, Green, and Blue. The composition of the three colors used by the computer in colour system and the display on the monitor is to create its own colour. When you change into 100% of the value of each colour, it will be white on the display (white screen), while the value 0% of each colour will be the appearance of dark colour (dark screen) and there are 255 colour gradation level.

CMYK is the composition of four colour of spectrum, which are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Those colours used in colour system are base colours used in the printer operation that is limited only to 100 gradation levels. This method is often utilized for those who would like to print pamphlet, brochure, or papers.

Movement and Style of Colour Technique

In the previous paragraph, it has been mentioned what the concept and the terminology of colour is. Now the movement and the style of the colour system will be explained. It is divided into three system; primary colour, secondary colour and tertiary colour. Primary colour is a base colour, which can produce another colour. Different from primary colour, secondary colour is a mix of two or more primary colour and tertiary colour is a secondary colour combination with the other base colour provided in colour circle. Those terminologies are practiced in the concept of RGB, CMYK and HVS model mixed to be another colour with other concept.

Practical Terms on Colouring

Making an animation cannot be separated with manufacturing techniques therein, including techniques in color system. This article uses staining techniques, which is based on the direction of light by utilizing a layer for different levels of color. For practical system on colour system, usually use four kinds of system on making character on the animation purposes, which are basic system, highlight system, shadow and gradation system.

Basic system is a technique, which needs one colour layer used for an object that has been coloured with only one colour. Highlight colour system is another technique that uses several colour levels or layers, which is to describe the direction of light that comes to the character of the object. Next technique is shadow technique, which the opposite of highlight technique, but using different base colour and this technique is conducted to get a shadow of bright colour from base colour. The last is gradation technique, which is a technique that needs one layer that have two or more colour combination into it that reveal colour gradation.

Those explanations are the glance of colour system that might help you to improve your skill in colouring graphic design or any other purposes. This includes basic term, terminology and concept, movement and styles of colour system, and practical term for those who conduct graphic design purposes.


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