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How to Use Braces, Brackets, and Parentheses in Your Design


In a typeface, it also features a vast kind of punctuation marks as part of its character set. Among of them are braces, brackets, and parentheses. These are three sets of symbols serve to include additional information, whether it comprised of numbers, words, or symbols, which are not essential in general regarding to what meaning of the paragraph or sentence hints. Even though these marks have this particular function, each of them has its specialized usages. While today we will focus

Unlike braces and brackets, parentheses are the most frequent among the three. They are being used to set off or enclose information that has the traits of explanatory or qualifying, or merely incidental. The items usually set out by parentheses are such as acronyms and abbreviations, time zones and area codes, as well as lettered or numbered lists or ranks. The parenthetical phrase also can be used amidst the sentence as well as the end to precede the period directly. But if a statement with parenthesis has its very own sentence (a complete thought), the period is usually followed.

On the other hand, brackets are in general used to start out additional material inside the parenthetical phrase. It is used as a method to prevent the layers of parentheses. The use of brackets is also to enclose comments or explanation by an editor, publisher, or author; to clarify an omission; to make note of a translation, pronunciation, or definition; and to offer the basis of a quotation incorporated into the text. You can also find the use of brackets in chemistry, mathematics, and programming languages.

Last but not least, we have braces which are also often called as curly brackets. Braces are the more ornamental form of brackets which usages are specialized in various fields. When used in general texts, they are to indicate sets. In programming languages, they are to enclose statements or groups. In music and poetry, curly brackets are used to mark joined lines or repeats. This set of punctuation mark finds its use in mathematics as well.

Rather than incidental, which is often found in the uses of parentheses, the items enclosed in braces may be the central, especially in terms of decorative usage such as in designing a wedding invitation. The curly brackets are used to highlight the names of the married coupe, for instance, or the date, time, and location of the wedding reception.

When you are working on a design featuring the use of braces, brackets, or parentheses, they are supposed to be vertically centered right beside the text to enclose. With most typeface varieties, these are the punctuation marks designed to vertically center on the lowercase x-height. On the other hand, as you are lining figures or surrounding all caps, you will also need to raise the marks slightly.

In general, using the parentheses, braces brackets, or curly brackets shouldn’t adopt the formatting used for the surrounded material. However, if you are using italics, it is fine to italicize the parentheses as well as the italic character usually will collide with the roman parenthesis that follows.


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