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Understanding about Colour in Design and Live

understanding colour

Colour is a prevalent part of everything we visually see in the world. It consists of different variety types that make this world better with its rich shades. The functions of every variety of colours are significant especially for designer. For designer, it means an intuitive choice that leads them to the process of creativity. As a common people we understand that there are three different types of primary colors, there are red, yellow and blue. We also know that we can create any colors that we like by mixing these three colors.
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Calliper and Other Paper Weight Measurements

You may often hear the terms of calliper and find it rather confusing since here are basis weight and equivalent weight. Those three terms are used in determining or measuring paper weight. To help you eliminate such confusion problem, we decide to compile a comprehensive table of paper weight, in addition to a brief explanation for each term. Now, you can finally compare different paper types in addition to their equivalent weight. Read on. Read More

A General Guide to Using Boldface

boldface typography

Using boldface is one of the common ways to use when you want to emphasize a word or a phrase, aside from italics and oblique. However, these basic typography tools often are used in an incorrect manner. Today, we will share a general guide on how to use boldface, which is also called as weight contrast, when you wish to emphasize certain word or phrase as part of your design. Read on.
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