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Channels and How to Use it in Photoshop

Understanding Channels and How to Use it in Photoshop

As a graphic designer in learning, Photoshop is most likely to be your first choice of graphic design software. There are various things this program can do with abundant features you can choose from. One of them is called channels, which we will discuss briefly here. Today, we will explain what channels are and how you can use it in your Photoshop. Read on. Read More

Calligraphy in Its Modern Revival


The use of calligraphy is widely spread, with the use of this writing-related visual art could be found nearly everywhere. Calligraphy itself is the design as well as execution of lettering with the use of a broad tip instrument, brush, or dip pen as the writing instrument, among other ones. In contemporary era, the calligraphic practice can also be defined as the art of providing from to signs in a harmonious, skillful, and expressive manner. Meanwhile, modern calligraphy varies from functional designs and inscriptions to fine-art pieces, in which the letters may be readable or not. Read More